Hiromi Oshima


January 6, 1980
Tokio, Japan
Currently Resides:

5' 4"; 34D-23-33

In Japan, where curvaceous figures are not the fashion norm, Hiromi Oshima never entertained the idea of becoming a model. "I'm too buxom to be a Japanese model," she says. "There it doesn't matter if you have nice breasts or a booty. All the models are tiny and super skinny." When Hiromi was growing up in Tokyo, her life revolved around one goal: being accepted into a strict private school to appease her parents. "I couldn't even go to McDonald's after class," she says. "If I wanted to hang out with other boys and girls, I had to change out of my school uniform so I wouldn't get caught." When she wasn't sneaking off or nose-deep in books, Hiromi took jazz dancing lessons.